Flexibility, simplicity and certified results, with the MV311 ISONRG energy meter

Saving on costs related to thermal energy consumption is an achievable goal thanks to the use of quality energy meters and adequate support from industry specialists. You can rely on ISOIL Industria for an accurate management of energy consumption: in this article we will talk about thermal energy and then illustrate the strengths of the new MV311 ISONRG, an energy meter that complies with the European MID directive.

What is thermal energy and how is it produced?

Any object that has a temperature above absolute zero has thermal energy: it is the sum of the kinetic energy of all the particles (atoms, ions, molecules) in that object. Thermal energy is an extensive quantity: it is proportional to the temperature and extent of the body (measurable as a quantity of substance, as a mass or as a volume). The constant of proportionality between thermal energy and these two variables is called specific heat.
Any form of energy can be converted into thermal energy (mechanical energy becomes it by friction, electromagnetic energy by the influence of radiation and electrical energy by resistive dissipation). On the contrary, thermal energy is considered a form of degraded energy as it cannot be completely converted into mechanical energy.
Thermal energy can be produced by chemical reactions (combustion), by nuclear reactions or by the passage of electric current through a wire characterized by a defined resistance greater than 0 given by the composition of the material it conducts (i.e. by Joule effect). Once produced, the thermal energy can be used directly (for heating, for sanitary water, for cooking food …) or it can be converted for mechanical and electrical production (in thermoelectric power plants).

With regard to energy sources, according to forecasts, by 2030 there will be a considerable increase in the consumption of thermal energy from renewable sources: this will give a strong boost to raw materials, systems and technologies such as biomass, solar thermal, heat pumps, geothermal energy and district heating.

Measuring to increase efficiency

The growing attention to responsible consumption and energy saving today goes hand in hand with the spread of thermal energy meters.
Until a few years ago the distribution of consumption was carried out on the basis of approximate criteria.
Today, by law, in many European countries, buildings must be equipped with thermal energy metering systems: these systems allow you to independently manage the heating in buildings equipped with a centralized system or connected to a centralized district heating user and to have a correct sharing of expenses; furthermore, by 2027 all heat meters must be readable remotely.
ISOIL Industria thermal energy meters comply with current regulations and are able to provide certification-proof results.

The new MV311 ISONRG energy calculator

The MV311 ISONRG energy calculator has finally received the long awaited MID marking, a unique marking on the market, in fact the MV311 is MID marked not only for water but also for mixtures of water and glycol with concentrations of both ethylene and propylene glycol that go up to 60% .

Il nuovo calcolatore di energia MV311 ISONRG

The device has four digital inputs, one for the flow of the carrier fluid, two for the hot and cold water inlets and a fourth input, defined as auxiliary, which can be used both for a water meter (for example, plant replenishment water or water produced by the solar thermal system) or by impulsive input from an electricity meter, a methane meter or a steam meter.
The calculator can be equipped with two digital outputs and two analog outputs as well as having the possibility of having up to three communication protocols simultaneously.
The protocols available are MBus, MODbus and BACNet (certified). MODbbus and BACNet protocols can be on both RS485 and Ethernet line.
The availability of the ethernet connection allows to have different services on the computer including UDP DISCOVERY / mDNS, SNTP, FTP SERVER, WEB SERVER, DHCP and DNS.
On the MV311 energy calculator it is possible to have an internal memory whose capacity depends on the storage frequency but it is sufficient to fully perform its function, considering that with quarterly storage (15 minutes) you have enough space to store for over 100 years.
Two backup options (seven days or a month) and the classic Real Time Clock complete the functions of this powerful, fast and precise thermal energy calculator.
A new function present in the MV311 calculator is the Quick Setup, through this function it is possible to modify some installation parameters also in the MID versions. Among the most important modifiable parameters are the weight of the input pulse, the installation side of the flow meter, the type of temperature sensor, the unit of measurement of energy and the position of the energy decimal point. A dedicated menu will guide the qualified installer in configuring the parameters. The date and time of these settings are recorded on the controller memory card.

ISOIL industria is at your disposal for further information.


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