Covid-19 serological test for employees of ISOIL Industria


The Covid-19 serological test does not indicate its presence in the respiratory mucous membranes as in the case of a swab. However, through identification in the blood of the antibodies produced by the immune system, it allows the history of the virus to be traced and to understand who, over time, has come in contact with it.

The blood sample tests were carried out on a voluntary basis on 9 and 10 September, at the Cinisello Balsamo headquarters in collaboration with the Occupational health personnel of the Multimedica Hospital.

Through this type of examination, it is possible to draw a more precise map of the geographic spread of the virus, and for example age group as well as allowing to understand how many people have come into contact with Covid-19, perhaps with mild symptoms or in a completely asymptomatic manner.

ISOIL Industria has always been committed to preparing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment in compliance with current accident prevention regulations. Spreading and consolidating a culture of health and safety at work by developing risk awareness and promoting responsible behaviours by all collaborators.

As expressed in the ISOIL Industria code of ethics, all employees must not create or find themselves in situations of danger for themselves or their colleagues, respecting internal regulations and collaborating in the improvement of control and prevention systems.

For this reason, the Company, always attentive to the health protection of its employees and its collaborators, spontaneously chose to offer a general screening to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, while also helping to protect all their families and people in their sphere of personal contacts.

In the coming months, as every year, ISOIL Industria, will continue its policy of defending the health and physical integrity of its collaborators, by offering them the opportunity to join the seasonal flu vaccination campaign.


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