In the industrial sector, the flow measurement of water, natural gas, steam, chemicals, mineral oil plays an essential role. For these applications, various technologies can be used, based on different measurement principles (electromagnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters – coriolis mass flowmeters or based on the thermal principle, ultrasonic, with variable area …). Electromagnetic flowmeters are used in the area of water management, in the process industry, in the pharmaceutical and food industry, but also in the mining industry, where they are particularly suitable for the flow measurement of liquids with suspended solids, abrasive liquids, dirty liquids, sand / water mixtures. Over time, thanks to research and technological evolution, these measuring devices have been gradually improved: a great innovation is represented by the use of alkaline batteries as power source. FLOWIZ, the series of battery converters for ISOMAG electromagnetic flowmeters by ISOIL Industria, undoubtedly represents the maximum evolution in the sector from all points of view.

Electromagnetic flowmeter: what is it and how does it work?

Electromagnetic flowmeters are volumetric flowmeters which don’t have any moving parts; they are made of a sensor (which is installed in the pipelines) and a converter (energizing the coils and detecting the electrical signal) which can be installed on the sensor (in the compact version) or in its vicinity (in the remote version) connected via two cables.

The operating principle of electromagnetic flow meter is based upon Faraday’s law, or electromagnetic induction law.

flow measurement

As soon as the electrically charged particles of a fluid cross the artificial magnetic field generated by two field coils, an electric voltage is induced. This voltage produced between the electrodes is proportional to the fluid velocity and, therefore, to the volumetric flow rate. The Converter (electronic part) controls the parameters of the magnetic field, acquires and processes the signal from measuring electrodes and provide the measurement of volumetric flow (displays measured data, pulse…etc).

flow meter

Full bores and insertion electromagnetic flowmeters need 2 fundamental conditions to operate accurately: medium must be conductive and pipe must always be full.
Compared to their mechanical counterparts, electromagnetic flow meters offer several advantages: obstructionless design causing practically no pressure loss, linear signal output, exceptional long-term stability, maximum process reliability, zero maintenance needs, high accuracy of measure.

Batteries integrated in flowmeters: a revolution

The use of batteries for continuous power supply represents an important step in the evolution of flow measurement technologies. Converters with integrated batteries are essential for using flowmeters in the most remote areas and where cable connections are not available.
ISOIL Industria provides low cost battery solutions, easy to install practically in any place without losing precision or performance.
Thanks to the combination of high efficiency technology and advanced energy management, these solutions ensure reliable and long-lasting operation.

FLOWIZ: the world’s number one battery flowmeter

MV series of FLOWIZ, the third generation of battery powered operated converters for ISOMAG electromagnetic flowmeters designed by ISOIL Industria, is the result of fifteen years of experience in the development and continuous improvement of FLOWIZ® since its launch on the market in 2004. The MV255 and MV145 models are equipped with an integrated modem and internal data-logger; they use wireless data communication through the Gprs protocol. These measuring devices are compatible with any sensor of the ISOMAG family (insertion or flanged up to DN1800) and can simultaneously provide flow and pressure measurements.
Their use is ideal for the water network management: practical and reliable, they are able to detect, store (they have a 4 GByte recording capacity) and send the data necessary to identify and optimize leaks.
Data security in communication is guaranteed by encryption with the TSL/SLL standard, the data is compressed to reduce the time and costs of data transmission, SMS alarms can be sent in cases where the process thresholds are exceeded.

FLOWIZ can be powered by lithium or alkaline batteries, the batteries can be easily replaced, without interrupting the measurement: battery consumption depends on the setting of the following elements: main board, sampling profiles, sensor diameter, modem network conditions, frequency of data sending, amount of data collected, interface activity (display / modem).
To evaluate the converter battery life you can use the Power tool software: a duration of up to 15 years is however guaranteed. Optionally FLOWIZ can be powered through a photovoltaic panel: in this case the batteries have a backup function useful for avoiding data loss in case of power failure.

Advantages of Alkaline batteries

Although lithium batteries have recognized strengths (to mention a few, the ability to provide high power, fast charging, long shelf life) the possibility to use alkaline batteries in FLOWIZ converters offers unprecedented advantages.
Alkaline batteries use zinc and manganese along with alkaline electrolytes of potassium hydroxide, housed in steel-alloy cases. These batteries offer the right balance between energy capacity and price. They are cheaper and more readily available than lithium batteries. Also in terms of safety, the use of alkaline batteries in certain contexts is preferable: lithium batteries are in fact strongly exposed to the risk of fire, both charged and discharged (remember that if lithium catches fire it cannot be turned off with the water, but requires the use of chemicals and special foams).
Another aspect to be considered concerns the disposal and transport procedure: lithium batteries must be transported in compliance with strict rules, the United Nations Model Regulations on Transport of Dangerous goods. Specifically, the UN document n° 3091 class 9 refers to lithium batteries lithium metal batteries contained in equipment, or lithium metal batteries packed with equipment and UN document n°3090 class 9 regulates the transport of stand-alone batteries.

If you are already experiencing the quality and advantages of FLOWIZ for your application and need support in the setting procedure, we invite you to visit our Youtube channel, where you can find useful video tutorials.

If you want to know more about the technical characteristics of battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters made by ISOIL Industria, do not hesitate to contact us.


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