The new thermal energy meter produced by ISOIL, IFX-E3 ISOFLUX is designed for domestic and tertiary applications.

IFX-E3 combines the flexibility of the “ONE” function (Optimized & Nimble Processing) with the availability of different communication protocols.

Designed for domestic and tertiary applications, the IFX-E3 thermal energy meter combines the flexibility of the “ONE” function (Optimized & Nimble Elaboration) with the availability of different communication protocols.

Its precision features make it the ideal tool also for applications in shopping centers, offices and light industry, in addition to the classic residential use.

Equipped with an internal memory that allows you to save the measurements with hourly, weekly and monthly rates, the calculator has the possibility of having up to three communication protocols on board simultaneously (two radios and one wired) and to be completed with two inputs/impulsive outputs.

The “ONE” function allows the modification, before installation, of some parameters usually blocked by the MID.

Visit the tool page with data and technical specifications


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