ISOIL Industria has taken all the necessary measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, in accordance with the recent Prime Minister’s Decree provisions aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.

We have adapted to the prudential rules provided for in the aforementioned Decree. We have strengthened and encouraged activities managed via smart working, in compliance with the rules imposed by the Authorities and common sense.

We believe it is important not to interrupt our service and above all to safeguard the health of all our collaborators and partners, to protect our customers, our staff and anyone who may interact with our company.

The company constantly monitors the evolution of the situation and ensures scrupulous observance of the provisions regarding the containment of contagion by anyone operating in its network.

The domestic and foreign commercial divisions continue their activities, operating by remote smart working. If technical or commercial interactions are required, we ask you to contact your respective contact persons to evaluate and arrange video conference sessions with the help of the most popular and modern application systems. We are active throughout the national territory and in the world also with regards to shipping and receiving of goods.

At this time our production center is operational and we hope it will remain so throughout the crisis period.

The technical assistance staff continues to actively interact remotely with all our customers in Italy and in the world, ensuring through their preparation and continuous updating the normal efficiency and activities of the production functions entrusted to us.

We follow with great attention official communications and we will promptly adapt to any new provisions that were issued by the competent Authorities, giving prompt communication in the event of developments to the current situation.

Even in a moment of particular difficulty, we continue to strive to guarantee our customers through our professionalism, passion and availability, the best possible quality of service.

We are always available, for any need, do not hesitate to contact us.

On this occasion we wish to wish all our customers and suppliers, their collaborators and their families, all the very best.

Cinisello Balsamo, March 25th 2020

Roberto Guazzoni   
Chief Executive     
ISOIL Industria Spa

Click here to download the press release in .pdf format


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