Water is necessary in several productive processes, especially in manufacturing industry, where is it becomes a fundamental ingredient in mostly all the phases. That’s why industry uses 40% of the total water use at global scale. 

Semiconductor manufacturing industry is a water-intense business. The production consists of chips used in smartphones and computers, which implies an overall growth of the market in the upcoming years. Ultrapure water is in use at every stage of the process, including the removal of impurities from silicon wafers. This is fundamental as ultrapure water is able to remove any kind impurity. For instance, the production process of a 8” wafer (a thin slice of semiconductor) may require up to 7500 litres of ultrapure water (UPW). 

For this reason, the semiconductor industry is looking for efficient solutions to reduce the amount of water in use, and to recycle most of it. Recycled water could be useful again in the manufacturing process for facility systems, like scrubbers or cooling towers. Furthermore, recycled water discharged in wastewaters would be cleaner and cooler.

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