In space, conditions are tough and not even a drop can be wasted: literally, even a sweat drop goes into the water recycling process. The ISS, International Space State, is a closed-loop system and there recycling is essential to grant astronauts alive. 

There, astronauts’ urine, sweat and moisture from their breath are filtered to remove impurities and turn into potable water, used again to drink, rehydrate and bathe. Therefore, it means that these technologies are “mission critical”… in fact, it would be impossible to survive on the ISS with an eventual failure. 

On the ISS water recycling system can recycle around 6000 litres of water per year, plus a 2000 litres backup for any kind of emergency. Luckily, astronauts learn how to save as much water as possible; for instance, they only require 0.5 litres for hygienic purposes a day, compared to 50 litres water that we generally need for a shower. 

Despite it might seem unhealthy drinking the same waste water again and again, as this is a close system, the water is purer than the one from the faucet that we generally drink at home.

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