China’s data center industry is among the world’s largest. Internet data, together with the cloud market are responsible for the emission of 99 million tonnes of carbon dioxide last year  in China. Furthermore, data centers industry may require up to 66% more electricity in the next five years; in fact, the government wants to develop in Artificial Intelligence and close the gap with US technology by 2030. 

Nevertheless, China is currently working on a program to upgrade its economy and clean up its system based on coal energy, reaching 20% renewable by 2030 (at today, 73% of data centres are powered by coal).  In this scenario, big data, internet and cloud can play a huge role in supplying cleaner electricity.  The government is reforming the power market by promoting wind and solar power that the internet giants should catch, especially considering the sector’s growing forecasts. 

In fact, China currently accounts 2.7 million server racks, and is expanding at a rate of 30% a year. CO2 emissions could reach 163 million tonnes by 2023, but increasing the use of renewable from 23% to 30% would imply cutting 16 million tonnes emissions. 

Several electrical metering devices are commonly used in data centers. Visit the website to discover all the devices provided by ISOIL Industria for this application. 


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