Smart meters are next generation devices for both gas and electricity consumption monitoring. They connect a household or work environment to the power network, and also communicate with one another.

These devices are essential for both Energy and Utility (E&U) companies and consumers and they are just one of the many digital technologies paving the way to smart cities.

The global smart meters penetration is estimated to reach 59% by 2028.

The on-going utility investment in grid intelligence, security and edge computing technologies are the factors that will drive growth.

Europe is emerging as major hub spot of opportunities for the manufacturers of smart meters, for the fact that smart metering is mandatory in the UK and across Europe. Emerging economies in the MEA region are estimated to be at the forefront of smart meters’ installations, as reliable energy supply & management is topping the priority charts across GCC countries. North America and Asia Pacific will continue being two of the largest markets for smart meters, with gains upheld by proactive deployment of smart grid and efforts to enhance billing accuracy.

ISOIL Industria operates as a leading player in the smart meter market: if you need energy and flow meters that can be used for the measurement of energy consumption for fluids, do not hesitate to contact the company.

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