Industries that require both thermal and electric energy could find a solution in the Cogeneration. With cogeneration, the electricity and heat produced are used in the same place as they are generated, thus improving the energy efficiency.
During the productive electricity process, the turbines generate both energy and heat, which is generally lost. Instead, with a special turbine this heat can be saved and used.
Especially in chemical production, oil and gas and refining processes the use of cogeneration technology can make the difference in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and costs. 

As an example, the biggest refinery of Asia implemented this technology with over 440 megawatts of cogeneration capacity. With this technology, the energy efficiency should improve by 4-5%, reducing emissions of 265 kilotons/year of carbon dioxide emissions. To better understand the meaning, is it like removing from the streets over 90,000 cars. 

An innovative device used in cogeneration and trigeneration plants is the Heat meter ISONRG ML311: find out more!


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