Every citizen of the world can have a positive impact for the preservation of water. This is the message of the Aquamour project, that highlight people in different parts of the world engaged in concrete and sustainable initiatives. Whether they are researchers, small fishermen, volunteers committed to its preservation, advocate of the benefits of water on body and mind, artists or others, whatever their scope of their actions, their message or their creations, these  ‘aqua-heroes’ will show us the way to save water from human madness.  An example of Aqua-heroes is Victor Kossakovsky, a Russian director who has just produced “Aquarela” a spectacular documentary dedicated to the power and beauty of water: watch the video! 

Always sensitive to the issue of water conservation, ISOIL Industria offers high quality products and solutions for the measurement and control of fluids: find out more on the website www.isoil.it/en/


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