water-utilities Digital Water Adoption Curve Isoil indusrty

Water utilities are at different levels of maturity in adopting digital technologies, but there is now the new Digital Water adoption curve to measure the phenomenon. In fact, a survey that involved 15 utility executives from  40 leading utilities worldwide helps us to understand  the state of digital maturity in the water sector.

The Digital Water Adoption Curve  is a synthesized view of how utilities are adopting digital technologies; it provides a means for utilities to assess where they are in their digital maturation; with this, they will have a general roadmap on where to head next.

The curve begins with utilities at an immature digital development phase. It then expands through utilities that have become digitally aware; then, those who have incorporated digital technologies within and between their processes. After this, it moves on to utilities with an agile, innovative business structure that have fully embraced digital technologies. The maturation of a water or wastewater utility along the curve is shown as a utility progresses from having little to no digital infrastructure to having opportunistic, systematic, and transformational digital systems and strategies.


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