With increasing complexity in water systems and management, there is growing potential and need to adopt digital solutions. Exploiting the value of data, automation, and artificial intelligence allows water utilities improve their operations. They can extend water resources, reduce non-revenue water, expand infrastructure life cycles, provide the basis for financial security, and more. 

There are many water and wastewater utilities worldwide that have been compelled to turn to digital technologies.

Here are some examples

Umgeni Water, a water utility in Durban, South Africa, has used digital technology to better manage its water resources and protect its customers from the same fate as Cape Town residents. Hydrologic models paired with monitoring devices allowed the Durban water utility to optimize storage levels in dams and reservoirs.

Likewise, the Las Vegas Valley Water District has harnessed digital technology to reduce non-revenue water, improving conservation and optimising water supply for customers.

In Shenzhen, water quality monitoring sensors and hydraulic modelling systems implemented have resulted in vast improvements to surface water quality.

ISOIL Industria focuses on digital technologies for water system and has realized several monitoring sensor, which, as per above, are necessary to improve the water quality.


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