The water sector is facing many challenges: aging infrastructure, which includes pipelines, tunnels, dams, pumping, storage and treatment facilities, are in constant need of renovation and repairing, requiring significant opex and capex plans. Available resources, that are also very much linked to and influenced by political cycles, are frequently not sufficient. Another challenge concerns the choice of the best technologies amongst the many available.  Furthermore, labour force has to be trained and ready to take full advantage of innovations.

There are also many sensor and communication challenges facing water utilities today and digital solutions are very useful for this purpose: “They increase accessibility, offer a comprehensive approach to data management and help manufacturers in offering tailor made solutions, rather than stand-alone products.” – says Matteo Viccardi, ISOIL’s Export Manager – “As an example, sensors installed in the network combined with software solutions makes remote control over the water network, leak detection and predictive maintenance much easier than it used to be”.

The key to accelerate the adoption of digital innovation is making it usable and accessible: this is exactly what ISOIL has done by launching on the market the first battery power converter with integrated alkaline batteries. “The company focus daily on designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality certified instrumentation with the goal of making its meters more accurate, accessible and digitally advanced” – continues Matteo Viccardi – “ISOIL’s main role in the water industry value chain is to make sure water utilities can count reliable and accurate data to take informed decisions and manage their networks“.


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