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Water is one of seventeen global priorities agreed by world leaders, captured within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); the SDG 6 demands to halve the amount of untreated wastewater and provide universal access to adequate sanitation by 2030.

To address the high standards and targets set under this goal, the sector needs to attract and support the development of new talents. It needs those people who will bring research to practice, pilot and catalyse new thinking, and implement best practices.

According to recent national human resource assessments, water sector human resources are in short supply. Beyond shortages, the sector loses professionals every day to more competitive sectors. We can counter this trend by driving existing professionals from other sectors, but also students and young professionals to enter the water sector.

As an industry young professional, Matteo Viccardi, ISOIL‘s Export Manager, gives an advice for other smart water young professionals interested in pursuing this field:

“Having joined the water industry only a couple of years ago, I can definitely say that the possibility of contributing to the global challenge of water management is both exciting and rewarding. The water sector definitely needs motivated young professionals with different skills and backgrounds to integrate new technology and break down challenges in to smaller localised concepts and solutions. The water industry can hardly compete with some other industries in terms of salaries and compensations packages, but it can surely offer the great chance to work on one of the most important, complex and underestimated issues of our times, with objective of leaving a better world to future generations”.


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