INTCATCH is a large Horizon2020 Innovation Action co-founded by the European Union; it will instigate a paradigm shift in the monitoring and management of surface water quality that is fit for global waters in the period 2020-2050.

The aim is to bring together, validate and exploit into a single, efficient, replicable business model a range of innovative monitoring tools for river and lake water quality:

-Autonomous and radio controlled boats equipped with innovative sensors;

-Next generation DNA test kits;

-Innovative and sustainable treatment systems for combined sewer overflows (CSOs);

-Cloud based geo referenced data management solutions to make data visible to the whole community;

-Decision Support System (DSS) to optimize water quality monitoring strategies.

INTCATCH innovations will be first demonstrated in Lake Garda catchment,  a very sensitive and strategic European water body, then replicated in other European sites.

The project aims at engaging stakeholders, local communities and tourists to validate a novel model where the citizen scientists are central in the sustainable catchment management.


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