wireless data transmission

Isoil Industria  has recently introduced on the market the new line of MV255 battery-powered converters with a built-in 3G modem, for use with its Isomag® electromagnetic flow meters.

The new converter represents the state of the art, as it derives from the decades gained by Isoil Industria. Among the innovative features we highlight the following:

    • Advanced electronics with latest-generation microprocessor to guarantee greater computing power and better measurement stability;
    • Possibility to power the converters with D Type alkaline batteries or with lithium batteries;
    • BIV built-in verification of sensor status with release of a report
    • Wireless communication with 3G modem via email or FTP

To guarantee the security of data transmitted by the flow meter, the Tansfer Layer Security (TLS) with server authentication was adopted. TLS is a protocol that allows data exchange in an indecipherable way to anyone who does not have a special key for the decryption contained in a “certificate” that is released by the server at the time of connection. The certificate has control fields that allow you to uniquely identify the identity of the server. The TLS protocol also ensures that no one can alter the data exchanged or stand between the server and the client without leaving a trace. So, TLS  ensures not only that data is protected from unwanted glances, but also that they arrive unaffected to the recipient. As additional security, data can be compressed and protected with a 32-character key (256-bit).

In conclusion, the security of the data sent via wireless, together with the high metrology standard provided by the Isomag® electromagnetic flowmeters, which have MID certification, are a sure reference for the flow measurement needs in the aqueduct sector.


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