China’s water quality improved in 2018

water in china

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said that China improved water quality in 2018, with more samples taken from river and lakes reaching standards fit for human use. The amount of “below grade V” water that cannot be used in either agriculture or industry fell by 1.6 percentage points to 6.7 percent in 2018. Though overall water quality has shown signs of improvement in recent years, progress has been uneven: while water quality in most of China’s major waterways including the Yellow, Huai, Yangtze and Pearl rivers improved in 2018, those in northeastern China such as the Liao and Songhua were found to be even more polluted than in 2017. Phosphorus and ammonium nitrate, which mainly come from industrial waste water, pesticides and organic fertilizers, were identified as the major pollutants of water pollution.


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