Cogeneration is the most efficient way to meet heat and power needs, cutting energy waste by up to 30%. There are more than 2,000 businesses and sites in the UK which use CHP to support their operations. More than 111,000 jobs are located on these sites and CHP is helping to improve manufacturing productivity, control energy costs and protect long-term employment. CHP is also used by hundreds of heat networks, providing heating through a network of pipes to homes and businesses in UK cities. New CHP plants ensure flexibility and efficiency: they are able to respond to market signals, providing more generation when needed and less when lower carbon generation is available. Furthermore, CHP saves carbon as long as it displaces other, higher carbon gas and coal power stations which do not recover their heat.

Isoil Industria provides solutions for measuring and accounting thermal energy, as well as integrated or remote systems for the calculation of calories and frigories with any type of flowmeter, suitable for the measurement of water, water with glycol, steam, thermal oil, gas, and air. Find out more!


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