Israel is a nation in the middle of the desert, but agriculture is a thriving industry there. How is it possible? The answer is: intelligent water management. Raphael Singer, Israel’s ambassador to Peru, said that his country’s history with water was very particular because 70% of their territory is desert lands. In addition, the tributaries that surround it are not very helpful: “We have the Sea of Galilee, which is not a sea; and the Dead Sea which is more like a lake at the lowest point in the world,” he said. “The revolution regarding the use of water, began before Israel’s independence. In the 1930s the country’s leaders began to develop water management and agriculture programs. Then technological progress played its part: today, Israel recycles 85% of its waste water through special plants that allow it to develop agriculture, especially in the southern part of the country. The country has the highest water recycling index in the world”.

Visit the website to discover the ISOIL Industria technologies used in Agriculture.



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