The ML 252 FLOWIZ allows the powering of any Isomag sensor through internal lithium batteries converter.
The system, provided by ISOIL Industria, allows measuring performances highly inside the requirements of the CEN EN 14154, ISO 4064 and OIML R49 normative.
This converter has an internal data logger able to store flow and pressure data. As an option it is possible to use an MMC flash memory card up to a maximum of 1 Gbyte.

The main features are:
Accuracy: ± 0,5% of the read value.
Repeatability: better than ± 0,5%
Without display.
Programming trough PC.
Housing material: AISI304
It can be coupled with all the ISOMAG sensors up to DN 1000 except the MS 4000 and CIAO.
For further information, see the brochure and the technical data sheet.



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