Energy efficiency: the EU focuses on boilers and conditioners “green”


Brussels launched an appeal to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the UE and to create homes, services and industries “green”.

«Boilers and air conditioners consume half of the Ue energy, and most of this energy is wasted» said the European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Miguel Arias Canete. He also said « 90% of the buildings intended for housing is inefficient from an energy point of view and equipped mainly with old boilers». 

Interested in the new EU Strategy, Italy with its houses is at the top of the table with respect to the consumption for cooling and in fourth place for energy used for heating, after Germany, France and Britain. Italy is at the second place instead on the industry front for energy demand.

The new Brussels guidelines have the following objectives: to make the building renovation easier,  increase the use of renewable energy and reuse the energy wasted by industry by involving more consumers and companies.

Isoil Industria provides solutions for measuring and accounting thermal energy, as well as integrated or remote systems for the calculation of calories and frigories with any type of flowmeter, suitable for the measurement of water, water with glycol, steam, thermal oil, gas, and air. 


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