ML-145 electromagnetic converter


The new electromagnetic converter ISOMAG ML 145 has been created by ISOIL INDUSTRIA for simple applications that do not require long distance transmission of the signal via GPRS as with other instruments of the family FLOWIZ ™. The supply of non-rechargeable lithium battery, with up to three optional battery ensures long operating life without requiring replacement. Battery life is monitored from the Power Tool software. It ‘also provided the mains DC that activates the 4-20 mA output. Available in two versions, compact or separate, the converter offers different display options at the touch of a button. The program, which takes place via interface ISOCON, turns on four measurement modes: continuous sampling,smart sampling, average sampling and  pearl sampling maximum battery life. The integrated data logger with 2 GB micro SD card enables you to save measurement data for virtually the entire life of the instrument;the  stored data can be easily downloaded from the interface by pressing the appropriate button. The converter has a front panel with display and a single button to activate standby mode, the display reading and scrolling screens. ML 145 is suitable for flow sensors ISOMAG® insertion or full bore up to DN800.


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