Isomag MS 3900 – Ultra compact flowmeter


The new ISOIL Industria  induction  electromagnetic  flowmeter MS 3900 is the first in the series Isomag  ultracompact equipment characterized by low voltage power supply and connections to the network via dedicated connector: in a single apparatus has sensor, measuring cell and connections and enables also to measure the temperature value of the fluid.

The flow meter MS 3900 is based on the measuring principle of electromagnetic induction, devoid of moving parts, it ensures constant accuracy over long periods which makes it particularly suitable for those applications where the mechanical meters do not guarantee the necessary reliability in the time.

Available in three sizes DN 10-15-20, the instrument is suitable for applications of relatively small diameters and for any fluid with a conductivity from 50 mS / cm, provides an accuracy on the flow measurement of +/- 2% and +/- 2 ° C for the temperature measurement.

The electronic board is inserted in  stainless steel blind casing so do not provide direct information to the users. The connector M16 5-pin part and the steering wheel allow to easily realize the electrical connections and remove the output signals without requiring connections to the terminal block. The presence of the connector also simplifies the disassembly because is not necessary to disconnect the cables. The operator interface provides two digital outputs and on request 4-20 mA, characteristics which make it suitable for manufacturers of systems and / or machines for industrial washing systems and industrial cooling. The instrument configuration is via USB cable and dedicated software, the same used by ISOIL Industry for all of its electromagnetic flowmeters. The diagnostic detects the presence of empty tube with the possibility of making measurements bidirectional.


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