ISOD@M – The web software for data acquisition and analysis


ISOD@M is the new web software ISOIL INDUSTRIA SPA for control, data acquisition and data analysis of  instrumentation. Born to extend the communication capabilities of the line FLOWIZTM tools, the software is open and allows also the management of  data from other tools.

Featuring a simple and intuitive graphic, ISOD@M is for the operators of the water sector a powerful synthesis tool for an immediate view of the state of your system, using simple and intuitive graphic capabilities and the advanced management of alarms and events.

Besides the numerous basic functionalities, ISOD@M is also easily customizable with a complete set of optional packages: advanced analysis of collected data, research and analysis of losses, predictive maintenance, geo location of instruments and also export of the data to SCADA systems or external .

Can be used as a service (cloud), or installed in local servers, ISOD@M is the ideal tool and indispensable for the industry of the integrated water cycle at any level.



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