Isoil Industria spa introduces the new ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter IFX-P210, suitable for temporary monitoring campaign in remote areas.

The instrument can work for more than 3 months without replace or recharge batteries, taking advantages by using the “energy saving” function, that allows the user to set the measuring time step, as well as the possibility to use up to 3 Lithium battery packs. Furthermore, the instrument can also work directly plugged into the AC power output, if available, by using the relevant DC/AC adapter.

The IFX-P210 includes a powerful datalogger, able to record up to 1.000.000 of data (16 Mb), downloadable through PC by using a dedicated software provided with the instrument. The software also includes a useful tool to set the right mutual position (distance and alignment) between the two sensors on the pipe, through both acoustic and visual signals. Furthermore, a unique characteristic of this instrument is the possibility to have up to two process outputs (pulse, analog or Modbus) or up to two 4-20 mA input for passive devices like pressure or level sensors.

The available sensors, able to measure fluids with temperature that ranges from -30°C up to + 130°C suitable for metallic, plastic or concrete pipes from DN50 up to DN3000, make this instrument flexible and suitable for several different applications. Furthermore, the instrument is positioned in a small size hard plastic waterproof (IP67) case, that can be sealed and anonymous, in order to preserve it during the installation in remote areas.

Among the available accessories, it is possible to require an integral wall thickness gauge to evaluate the pipe thickness, that is a fundamental parameter to set in the instrument.

The IFX-P210 is an instrument of the ultrasonic clamp-on ISOFLUX family, that also includes a portable version IFX-P200 for temporary monitoring, and an instrument for fixed installation IFX-F100. This range of products ensure the coverage of a lot of applications, such as the energy measure through the integration of the flow monitoring with the fluid input and output temperature, the detection of water leaks in the potable water supply systems, and the temporary substitution or the checking of in line flow meters. These instruments are also suitable to monitor dangerous and corrosive fluids because they are non-intrusive and then sensors are not in contact with the fluid.

An index of the considerable success of this product was the acknowledgment of the technology innovation award during H2O exhibition carried out at Bologna in October 2016, as well as the great interest shown by several water companies, resulting in the supply of many IFX-P210.



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