Isoflux IFX-C – MID Approved ultrasonic Flow meter


ISOIL Industria manufactures Isoflux flowmeters to measure fluids, in particular those with low conductivity.

The new battery-powered IFX-C flow meter completes the range. This flowmeter is intended to be used with drinking water. We recommend using it instead of the traditional mechanical Woltman meters. The equipment is MID MI001 and OIML R49 certified and is available with a DN32 to DN 200 diameter and class 2 measurement accuracy in compliance with the EN 14154 standard. It is fitted with a flow sensor connected to an electronic unit to provide information to data processing systems. Isoflux IFX-C instantly measures the water flow in both directions, as well as water consumption and pressure. The measured values saved in the data logger can be downloaded by means of an optical interface and software provided upon request. The device is available with single or dual beam, with 420 mA current output and/or pulse output. Connections are flanged.

The absence of moving parts guarantees reliability over time and reduced pressure drop. In traditional applications, the batteries can last up to 8 years, thus ensuring long-lasting applications.

The protection rating of Isoflux IFX-C is IP68. WRAS-certified Rilsan coating is available upon request for parts in contact.


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