The district cooling sector in the UAE is forecast to see 18% growth over the next five years. From the region would be generated about 40 per cent of overall demand from a market that is expected to be worth US$29 billion by 2019. This is largely due to rapid growth in construction, as well as greater demand for both power and cooling. New projects are witnessing a steady shift from traditional air-conditioning to comprehensive district cooling that help save energy, and cut down on maintenance and environmental damages. District cooling comes with manifold advantages and is highly sustainable as it uses 40 percent to 50 percent less energy than traditional air-conditioning systems, which can account for 70 percent of a building’s electricity bill. Producing one ton of refrigeration using conventional air conditioning takes 1.8 kw of electrical power, while district cooling can consume as little as 0.85 kw per ton. For your specific applications in the District Energy market, Isoil Industria provides the right solutions. For information:


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